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Baltimore's Best Creative Community
Painters, photographers, writers, musicians, performers, and poets... Hobbyists and professionals... With us creatives from all walks of life come together as one amazing community. We are Baltimore's best creative community, helping artists make the most out of their talents and reach their greatest potential.

What We Do

We help artists share their talents online and through live events

We Host Events

We host events for artists, poets, and performers. Some are entertaining, some are educational, and some are promotional.

We Promote Creatives

No matter what type of artist you are we will help you share your talents online and offline through our network.

We Sell Artwork

We help you find your creative passion, build your portfolio, and start making money off your beautiful creations.

Artists Compound is Baltimore’s best creative community. We are a group of artists of all shapes and sizes—painters, photographers, writers, musicians, performers, and poets. We host events for ourselves, for our friends, and for our community.

The Baltimore Artists Directory is an important part of Artists Compound. It is an online database of Baltimore’s best artists. Members get exclusive opportunities to showcase their work, get themselves out into the work, and develop themselves creatively and professionally.

The Baltimore Artists Directory

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Get an SEO friendly listing on Baltimore Artists Directory to get yourself out there.

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Get your outstanding work or inspirational story featured in our newsletter or on our blog.

Attend Events

Attend events to enjoy yourself, find new friends, and promote your artistic talents.

Attend Classes

Attend classes online and offline to learn how to turn your passion into paid gigs.

Promote Your Talents

Artists Compound will help you get your talents out there online and offline.

Build Your Portfolio

Artists Compound will help you find paying clients for your creative work.

Sell Your Work

Artists Compound will help you sell your work through our online and offline stores.

Network With Friends

Artists Compound hosts events with some of the best creative minds in Baltimore.

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One common factor many great artists have had is someone to promote the hell out of them…it’s awesome to have Artist Compound with me and help me to the next level.

Shawn Theron

My experience with Artist Compound ran by Chastity Sollmer has been great. She’s so communicative and focused on bringing the local artist of Baltimore at the forefront of any musical festival she can get her hands on too. As a local artist it’s extremely refreshing to see that she’s one of the few who sees the incredible talent that’s right in her back yard. She really is doing something special with the Artist Compound and I’m very happy to call her a friend.

Quinton Randall

All of my experiences with Artists Compound have been awesome they are very professional and make it easy for the artist/photographer to set up their stuff. I’m a photographer and had some very large prints to hang at a showing I was doing with them and they came up with a great solution for mounting the photos. They are for sure the best in Baltimore so no matter what type of venue you are looking to get your work into they can hook you up.

Greg Ketterman
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We host local events in Baltimore for artists to get together, get inspired, and get themselves out there. Painters, poets, dancers, and musicians have the opportunity to network, promote, and sell their services through Artists Compound through our exclusive events. No matter what type of artist you are, we've got something for you!

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