Prudencio Torres, native of Baltimore and graduate of Baltimore School for the Arts is a larger than life artist in his field.   His artistic talent as a muralist has landed him the responsibility of creating Prudencio MuralJPGadvertisements for billboards, homes and corporations as well as life sized murals and portraits in the Baltimore and D.C.  areas.  Since joining Artists Compound in 2015 Prudencio has been honing his craft by continuing his mural and portrait work.  Currently he is working on pieces for his portfolio so that he may have his own showing in the near future.

Our spotlighted artist is a jack of a few trades and what many people don’t know is that by profession he is also an executive chef  who has worked with venues in Hunt Valley and  other Maryland locations.  Prudencio was also a catering production manager for Harbor Hospital and University of Maryland using his skills to create artistic culinary masterpieces.

When asked what some of his artistic goals were, he confided that he wanted to grow and learn to craft his abilities as an artist.  He also divulged that people who refuse to learn and grow and those who don’t respect our [artists] artistic abilities and craft and who don’t feel artists talents are worth the money are his biggest pet peeves.  He concludes that one can never stop learning and it is our responsibility as humans to create beauty in our world to offset the negativity that surrounds us all.  Please take a moment to check out Prudencio’s website at