Being a leader in whatever your profession is requires some sort of ability to see into the future. Intuition is a real thing ya know. That gut punch you feel when you’re in that grey area of not knowing what decision to make. What I see in the future is my present and that’s because I know the type of man I am TODAY and the man I COULD be tomorrow. Willingness to be objective and responsible helps me to put into the universe what I see continuously, and that’s a wife and family. No no no no I’m not there yet and I won’t be for a while. I still have some growing up to do and whoever she is I’m sure she does too. When people are not sure how to take this type of affirmation they call it a “thirst trap”. How does a man or woman for that matter who knows what they want and believes in it so much they are willing to practice patience and continue to have faith come off as being “thirsty”? Insecurities can be deadly to your character but let’s get back on track. There’s more to just saying “Dear Future Wife”. There’s living it and accepting it. It’s a spiritual call to a part of you that is awakening before your very eyes and you want to see it grow.

Awaken what’s inside you and call for it to come forward


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