What motivates you? What gets you so excited that you simply can’t sit still? You feel as if you’re skin will rip apart, with the fuel that drives you gushing out if you don’t follow through. A haunting dream, a voice that says “Do”, the voice that taunts you at night keeping you awake with fears of not fully living if you don’t respond with action.

This is us, daily.

Like a collector of cat decor, we are obsessed. We simply have to have more; more connections for Baltimore’s art community. We see there is a disconnect between those that create and those that want to include the creative. We see that communication is sometimes lacking between consumer and artist, between venue and artist, between artist and artist.

This is why we spend every waking minute working on making those connections easier to find and navigate. Our dream is for every artist to be able to pay their bills through their craft. Do we have all the answers? No, but some of our affiliates might have exactly what you are looking for and we will continue to spend every waking minute making the path to success easier for every artist.

Some of our connections:

66 Raw Radio – Indie Artists Services  http://66raw.com/ 

Songbuilders Studios – Producers, Songwriters, Engineers http://songbuilderstudios.com/

Downtown Cultural Arts Center – Artists Run Workshops/Classes, Networking, Theater, Events http://www.downtownculturalartcenter.org/

Lauren Aycock Anderson – Creativity Coaching – http://laurenaycockanderson.com/

The Ruins – Art & Music Festivals, Art Markets- http://www.ruinspark.com/

Alex Alexander – Photography, Video, Graphic Art –http://www.alexalexanderworks.com/

M.E.Doane – Book Editing, Consulting for Authors, Ghostwriting – https://www.medoane.com/writing-inbound/


As a growing company we are always looking for ways to strengthen our ability to serve the art and music community. What services would you like available for growth and expansion?

Are you an expert in a subject that you believe artists/musicians/performers would benefit from? Tell us! Together we CAN do more! info@artistscompound.com