Conor Brendan is a singer songwriter, focused on manifesting positive change, who writes songs on a spectrum encompassing social issues, mythology, Americana stories, and heartfelt ballads, to cartoonish conversations regarding the nature of existence. Painting stories with words, melodies, and a harmonic mural of instruments, Conor Brendan, with an heartfelt and emotional voice, will draw you into a peaceful and exuberant realm of fantasy. His debut full-length album will be released in the coming months

Born and raised in a musical environment, the melodic creations that blossomed from Conor Brendan’s imagination were nurtured from day zero. By the age of twelve, he had written an album of songs, and by age fifteen, he could play and write songs on any instrument he could touch. He has traveled around North America and Greece, and written over sixty songs and counting, inspired by wild experiences and a travelers love life. Conor Brendan has performed major events and venues such as Artscape, Karmafest, the Maryland Music Awards, the World Cafe Live, and political rallies from Occupy Wallstreet to rallies in support of Bernie Sanders.

In June, Conor Brendan and the Wild Hunt will be will be releasing a debut full-length album, and in July, they will be embarking on a cross country tour.