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Stoner Lean By Henni Tru Stoner (Produced by Payso) –


Stoner Gang consists of Henni & Payso, 2 multitalented entrepreneurs and artists who are on the verge artists in Baltimore.These artists first met in 9th grade in computer class at Carver Vo Tech High School. For the first few years each of them found themselves on journeys of upward trajectory as solo artists. After Graduation, Payso went to Coppin State University In 2008 where he learned how to produce music, write songs edit and engineer. Payso later started a business called Vativ Music Group LLC, short for innovative, that he started to help creators and innovators to make their own path. Henni started writing music for fun back in 2010 and In 2013 Henni decided to take his music career more seriously and recorded with Payso’ business. Payso made music for numerous artists such as Yung Wise, Loaded Lux, Henni, Afina and more. As time went on Payso began to grow tired of some people taking the art he made and not doing anything with it so he decided to create and produce music for himself. In 2015 Payso reached out to him about making music together as Stoner Gang. They had their first solo event together on October 9th 2015 and had over 150 stoner activists in attendance. Payso also wrote “Levels” their first song together and created a video for Henni as a solo artist, called Tru Stoner that reached over 50000 views on YouTube. They performed at events such as: Ballot Bash in Miami, DC 1st Annual Capital Cup & Infusion Awards in Washington DC, and DC Green Light Festival in Washington DC where they will also be a regular performer at this festival. Some other festivals they performed at include: Loudpalooza, Bmore Beats Club Festival, Love&HipHop410 Fall Festival and more. They also have been performing regularly at Reverb in Baltimore since May 2016.



Born Quinn Hall, May 14th, 1989. He is an upcoming performing artists/ designer that is also known as the Wiz Khalifa of Baltimore. His music can be described as “the current sound of Baltimore” where he uses techniques such as story telling, catchy flows and ad-libs to create relevant stoner rap. What inspires him to make music is how the power of a lyrical performance can influence, inform, motivate, educate and provide value to a broad audience. Henni emphasizes that “Music is life, an energy & makes the world move. That’s why I make music.” If you analyze his lyrics you can tell that Henni wants to educate and open people’s minds by dropping gems that provide values of life.



Born Marcell Allen June 24, 1989 and is a multitalented producer & lyricist hailed from Baltimore, Maryland. Inspired from his favorite childhood show “Behind the Music”, Payso sought out how to become a musician by teaching himself how to use specific software to record doubles, and how to make beats using a controller. His music is has a Hip-hop/R& B sound that can be described as heart, soul and revokes feeling with live instrumentals sample. His style of music comes from his passion for success and he raps about his loses and victories. He enjoys merging bits of soul, R&B, and hip-hop with a dose of instrumentals to create music that lingers. Payso uses his music to share his stories of courage in the face of adversity and the passion for success to inspire others.





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