YGK, Born as Markel Anthony Cash on December 21st 1994, is a multi talented, up and coming hiphop artist and a Baltimore club music producer. Markel was born into the entertainment world following the foot steps of one of the most popular locally known disc jockey’s in the city of Baltimore thats goes by Dj Cornbread ( His father). Throughout the years from 2008-2013, Markel followed the Baltimore club dance scene and took to iy instantly. He has always had a passion for music while starting off rapping from 2004-2007 in a young group called ” The Baby Boyz”. Also throughout his music career, Markel stayed in touch with the Baltimore dance scene and quickly learned how to produce Baltimore Club music and became a local icon for younger Baltimore club producers. Markel has done plenty of local open mics& sbowcases showing one of his many talents. Writing is a wayof enjoyment, stress reliever and a main focus for Markel. As told, one quote stated from his grandfather, Milton Jackson, who has sadly past away 2 days after Markel’s 21st birthday, strongly and continues to motivate Markel. ” You furture is determined by who you choose to honor “, helps Markel to push and strive harder to reach his dreams.